Kazuo Kamimura Profile

Kazuo Kamimura was born in Yokosuka city in Kanagawa on March 7, 1940.
He graduated from Musashino Art University's Design Department in 1964.
After graduating, he took a part-time job at SENKOSYA, an advertising agency, where he worked as an illustrator.
It was here that he met Mr. Yu Aku, a famous songwriter in Japan, who asked Mr. Kamimura to collaborate with him. Mr. Aku wanted Mr. Kamimura to draw a comic strip with a dramatic story.
His debut was KAWAIKO SAYURICHAN NO DARAKU in Gekkan Town's first issue in 1967.
The next year, with the drawing of PARADA (original author: Yu Aku), his motivation changed from being an illustrator to that of a comic strip writer.
After that, he published many lyrical stories such as DOSEIJIDAI, SYURAYUKIHIME (original story by Kazuo Koike), SHINANOGAWA (original story by Hideo Okazaki),
DOSEIJIDAI was especially a big hit and was called a new epoch in comics.
He was called SHOWA NO ESHI, which means "Ukiyoe painter of the Showa Era," because of his elegant stroke lines.
He was so busy because he had to draw four hundred pages a month.
In 1986, he was hospitalized with a pharynx tumor.
He died on January 11, 1986.
He was only 45.